Project “Information Center for Labor Migrants”

In order to develop long-term coordination systems to support labor migrants from third countries, the INEUROPE team as an one-stop agency provides the opportunity of receiving multifaceted support, information exchange for foreign citizens, service providers in  different fields and  with specialists who work with this target group, employers.


The main directions of the Project “Information Center for Labor Migrants”


– Expanding the availability of information for visitors who have the right to be in the territory of Latvian Republic.

– Getting consultants support, information telephone line, interpreter services.

– Organisation of the unformal education and cultural events with voulonteers and another non-governmental organizations.


The project “The Space of the Meeting of Employers and Labor Migrants”


The coordination of cooperation with employers in the context of the project of the Cross-Sectoral Dialogue Platform involving employers’ organizations, individual employers, state, municipal, private and non-governmental organizations of Latvia and the European Union.

-virtual database of data exchange between employers and labor migrants from third countries

– Legal support of employers and employees.



Project “Services for the Support of Labor Migrants and Members of Their Families”

– employment (labor law, job search for legal immigrants and their families)

– migration (residence permits, visas, citizenship)

– lease rights (housing-related issues)

– family law (family uniting, divorce, inheritance issues, etc.)


– Legalization and recognition of documents on education

– organization of business (issues related to commercial activities) and others.


Project “Improving the opportunities for vocational education and certification of labor migrants”


Within the framework of the project, it provides support for labor migrants in the issue of adaptation and confirmation of their professional skills and professional education, obtaining European certificates and international certificates of conformity, recognition of diplomas and certificates of regulated professions, retraining.



Project “Education integration of society”


The task of the project is to understand specific needs of immigrants at the moment when an immigrant comes to live in another country.


Familiarization of labor migrants and their families with the history of the country, traditions, language, health care system, employment and business start-up, education system, cultural traditions and religious issues, as well as their mutual communication.