For employers

Dear Employers, Welcome to the website page for employers participating in the non-governmental integration organisation InEurope programme “Integration means partnership”!

Integration is not carried out in laws, strategies or institutions. Integration happens in everyday life. In the course of integration an immigrant adjusts to the life of society. The society can help him/her in it.

We want to hear and disseminate good and inspiring examples of how we all – civil servants, representatives of local authorities, public organisation workers, employers and labour collectives – can assist the newly arrived residents in integrating in our society. Our objective is to set up a platform for dialogue between employers and employees, disseminate successful experience of interaction between labour migrants from third countries and socially responsible employers.

Non-governmental integration programme InEurope offers various kinds of cooperation to employers, which are easy enough and, at the same time, useful from the viewpoint of each participant.

For instance, employers are offered cooperation within the framework of an integration project aimed at social adaptation and the employment of legal migrants. We are closely connected with labour migrants and have plenty of information about the problems they face in everyday life and about the requirements of integration services development.

On one part, the European labour market needs a workforce, and on the other part the labour migrants necessitate social adaptation. The employer is keen to get an efficient worker.

While offering third country job-seekers to employers, the non-governmental integration programme InEurope takes on the tasks of social, personal and legal adaptation of a labour migrant thereby assisting the employer in obtaining a labourer who has already become integrated in the Latvian society, within a short time.

A labour migrant continues to get support during their work

which includes a study of language and culture, help in observance of the rules established in the society and teaching labour migrants to be active and responsible. Hence, a win-win situation for both parties – labour migrants and the employer – is formed.

Dear Employers,

We rely on your active contribution to the integration programmes and wish fruitful work to all of you!

Contact us and get information about job-seekers in various industries or post information about job vacancies.