About us

Why us?

People leave the countries where they were born and relocate to new places for a wide variety of reasons. A desire to get high-demand education, live and work in highly developed countries in social and economic terms, an absence of opportunities for self-fulfilment – this is a short list of the circumstances that prompt a person to leave his/her home, work and homeland. Search for a new and better life in other countries is accompanied with expectations of stability, provision of a decent future for oneself and one’s children and getting good medical services. Immigration presents a unique opportunity to start life all over again, a chance to make longstanding plans and non-accomplished dreams come true.

However, the procedures associated with the receipt of a visa, political asylum and citizenship of another country require more than a day. A person who has decided to relocate inevitably faces a great number of questions: is it worth moving? Which country should one choose? What documents should one collect? What amount of funds is it necessary to have at the start? Finally, are there any chances to relocate to a permanent residency in another country in general?

Immigration procedures differ, they depend on the relocation objective (work, training, business, family reunion, etc.), legislation of the receiving country, special programmes and plenty of other factors. A potential immigrant needs to gain insight not only on all rules of getting a visa and documenting their status but also on peculiarities of life in the new country. Successful customs clearance is just a first step in attaining the aim. How does one live and work in the new environment, how does one adjust to the foreign mentality? Success stories and other people’s experiences are no less valuable for those who have decided to relocate to another country.


Being guided by the principle of a “one-stop” agency, the non-governmental integration organisation INEUROPE provides means to support the integration of third-country nationals, assists with their access to integrated information concerning opportunities, rights and preferences, presents up-to-date information about integration events that are held by government and non-governmental organisations; provides information and resources intended for third-country nationals as well as the essential general information on:

Who is an immigrant and what are his/her rights and obligations?

Where can one find a job?

Who should one call in an emergency?

Inquiry service

Banks in Latvia

Public transport

Intercity and international transportation

Problems with accommodation, declaration of the place of residence

Employment, labour contract

Start-up of business and registration of an enterprise



Taking personal belongings

Old age pension

The reality is that individual attention to solving awareness tasks and support of each labour immigrant gives the most positive result, makes it possible not only to comprehend one’s problem and find a customised solution but also gives a chance to obtain more information about one’s rights and opportunities in the Latvian Republic.

It is no less important that the newcomers to Latvia have a possibility to get such assistance from us.